We perform miracles for your skin by using the most revolutionary bio-active, clean formulations based on Australia's super ingredient, Sea Cucumber Collagen

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Sea Cucumber Collagen

What is it?

Our star ingredient and the base of every Bache De Mer product is Sea Cucumber Collagen. Sea Cucumber, also known as "Holothurians", are cylindrical marine invertebrates or "echinoderms." The algae they consume are the source of their collagen-containing, nutrient-rich & bio-active-abundant profiles. The structure of sea cucumbers is mostly made up of collagen, hence why they can heal quickly and survive the extremely harsh seafloor environment.

What does it do?

Sea Cucumber Collagen is a unique source of marine collagen that repairs skin collagen and elastin protein fibers. It also generates a protective layer on the outer skin surface (epidermis) and enhances the homogeneous distribution of collagen fibers in the dermis by promoting an increase in the number and activity of skin fibroblasts.

Sea Cucumber Collagen is composed of echinoderm mutable collagenous tissue (MCT), a unique extracellular matrix with high similarities to human connective tissue. This provides the optimal environment for new collagen biosynthesis, cell regrowth, and tissue repair. What's more Sea Cucumber Collagen contains essential amino acids that assist in preventing skin irritation and damage, provide optimal moisturizing properties, and create a perfect environment for eczema- or acne-prone skin to regenerate.

Our Promise

Clean free from nasties including parabens, silicones, dyes, PEGS, heavy metals, GMOs, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, SLS, chemical sunscreens, formaldehyde, ethanolamine and more! 

Bioactive full of natural and non-toxic goodness

Sustainable ingredients and small-batch production

Australian made and owned, containing globally sourced and native Australian ingredients


Sea Cucumber: Diving Deep into the Ocean’s Best-Kept Secret

Sea Cucumber: Diving Deep into the Ocean’s Best-Kept Secret

WHY is ‘bio-active’ replacing cosmetic buzzwords like ‘retinol’, ‘cold-pressed’, ‘stem cell’, or ‘*insert unnecessarily long scientific chemical formula name here*’.

WHY is marine collagen THE ingredient in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutrition, and taking the spotlight off of the former favorite, bovine collagen?

And WHY is the simple sea cucumber the star of this entire show?

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