Meet the founder



My name is Renee and I am just a girl who stumbled upon a magical extract from the sea. This is my story of how Bache De Mar was born.

Before I developed Baché De Mar, I had all sorts of skin issues. I grew up with fair and sensitive skin, pigmentation issues, redness and the pimples most teenagers have. I masked my flaws with a foundation as I never found a skin-care product that worked for me. I was so insecure about my skin, that I wouldn't leave the bathroom without a caked-up face of foundation.

At 26, I was fortunate enough to spend 5 years on the secluded Island in the Pacific. The climate was harsh, to say the least. Living there with no access to your usual modern-day conveniences, my skin was at its worst. So after running out foundation with no way possible of replacing it, I went on a mission to find other ways of protecting, covering and rejuvenating my skin so I would never feel dependant on cosmetic foundations to feel confident again.

I spent many days and nights with the island chief and healers who practice alternative skin healing methods based on centuries of wisdom passed down from their ancestors. I studied environmental surveys of the island, sourced and tested many natural ingredients from the soil, trees, caves and the ocean. I was always fascinated by the healing powers of what lies beneath.

I went on to closely observe the sea cucumber, only to discover that the villagers inhabiting this beautiful island applied the sea cucumber topically to small wounds, infections and used it for various other skin conditions. The villagers were inherently aware that the sea cucumber provided medicinal healing properties.

I was incredibly intrigued and excited about what I witnessed and heard from the elders, so I began to extensively research so I could understand what was going on here!

I soon discovered that the sea cucumber is a marine invertebrate that possesses extraordinary regenerative and healing properties. Sea Cucumbers are rich in bio-active compounds that not only allow them to survive but also thrive and regenerate themselves in the harshest environments on the planet. Sea Cucumbers are fascinating because they fast track healing their wounds and can regenerate damaged or lost body parts within weeks!

I found that independent scientific studies supported the phenomenon. Sea cucumber extract contains a wide range of active ingredients including collagen, antibacterial properties and a rare peptide that can rapidly influence collagen production which encourages a boost in cell turnover.

This miraculous capacity for rejuvenation is thanks to this rare peptide that, by physically stiffening and softening itself, changes the elasticity of their collagen. This stimulation of collagen regenerates new skin cells and it is one of the few creatures in the world capable of re-growing its own body.

I eagerly sourced some raw sea cucumber extract from the villagers and applied it to a cut on my hand that had been very slow to heal. The next day it was evident that the healing had been fast-tracked. I couldn't believe it…The cut had almost disappeared!

I couldn't help myself, so I decided to try the extract on my face.

After a week of applications, I literally felt like my skin was reborn, with clear evidence that my skin tone and complexion were looking more healthy and a lot brighter. Skin spots had faded and redness was reduced significantly. This was the epiphany moment. I realised healthy glowing skin was possible for me!

And so began the journey of me formulating a skincare line with this magical sea cucumber extract. I returned to my hometown on the Gold Coast Australia to embark on my mission and I chose to work with a reputable cosmetic compounding pharmacist to formulate my skincare line, making sure it was in line with the Australian Standards.

I realized It wouldn't be doing the world any good keeping this magical formula a secret! I had such an incredible skin transformation that I decided to take my “mask” off and drop using foundation altogether.

Sea Cucumber Collagen revived the healthy completion that I always desired.

It took 2 months of nightly use of Sea Cucumber Collagen for me to feel confident in my skin which empowered me and changed the way I value myself. My mission is to help you achieve this too. All it takes courage and a little help to rejuvenate your skin, and your sense of well-being. I truly hope I can help you achieve this too!

Renee Alyce x