A Story Of Discovery

I am just a girl who stumbled upon a magical extract from the sea....This is the story of how Baché De Mar was born.

Before I developed Baché De Mar, I had all sorts of skin issues. I grew up with fair and sensitive skin, pigmentation, redness, and pimples. I masked my flaws with foundation as I never had found a skin-care product that worked for me.

About 10 years ago, I moved to a secluded island in the Pacific and lived there for 6 years. The climate was harsh, to say the least. Towards the end of this time, I lived without power or running water. My beauty routine consisted of sponge bathing with one bottle of water and a second bottle to keep hydrated.

Living there with no access to the usual modern-day conveniences, my skin was at its worst. I had picked up a tropical skin infection form all the unhealed insect bites and my skin was highly damaged, irritated and inflamed from sun exposure and the harsh environment. I went on a mission to find other ways of protecting and rejuvenating my skin.

I spent many days and nights with the island chief and healers who practice alternative skin healing methods based on centuries of wisdom passed down from their ancestors

I discovered that the villagers applied the sea cucumber collagen topically to small wounds, infections and used it for various other skin conditions.

The villagers were inherently aware that the sea cucumber collagen provided medicinal healing properties. I was incredibly intrigued and excited about what I witnessed and heard from the elders, so I began to extensively research so I could understand what was going on here!

I soon discovered that the sea cucumber is a marine invertebrate that possesses extraordinary regenerative and healing properties.

Sea Cucumbers are rich in bio-active compounds that not only allow them to survive but also thrive and regenerate themselves in the harshest environments on the planet.

I found independent scientific studies supported the phenomenon. The sea cucumber contains a wide range of bio-active compounds such as collagen, antioxidants, and a rare peptide that can rapidly stimulate collagen production, resulting in a boost in cell turnover!

I eagerly sourced some raw sea cucumber collagen from the villagers and applied it to a cut on my hand that had been very slow to heal. The next day it was evident that the healing had been fast-tracked. I couldn't believe it…The cut had almost disappeared!

I couldn't help myself, so I decided to try the extract on my face. After a week of application, I literally felt like my skin was reborn, with clear evidence that my skin tone and complexion were looking more healthy and a lot brighter. This was the epiphany moment. I realised healthy glowing skin was possible for me!

Returning to my hometown in Australia, I embarked on my mission. I chose to work with a leading compounding laboratory to formulate my skincare line. The Sea Cucumber Collagen Regeneration Serum revived the healthy complexion that I always desired. It took 2 months of nightly use for me to feel confident in my skin, which made me feel empowered! I had such an incredible skin transformation that I decided to take my “mask” off and drop using foundation altogether.

My mission is to help you achieve maximum results and I hope you love the products as much as I do. 

Renee x

Australia’s super ingredient; Sea Cucumber Collagen

Although the Baché De Mar formula may be a world first in skincare, the star ingredient, sea cucumber collagen, goes back centuries in Indigenous Aboriginal Australian culture.

So, we're going back in time to explore these roots and how this simple, yet incredible, sea cucumber defined the lives of the traditional owners of this precious land Baché De Mar calls home...

Explorer Alfred Russel Wallace described sea cucumbers, “Trepang”, as "looking like sausages which have been rolled in mud and then thrown up the chimney..."

Now, we're not saying that they're good-looking things, but the humble sea cucumber has a far grander history and exceptional skin-transforming abilities that by far surpass such a description.

To the indigenous peoples of Northern Australia, particularly Arnhem Land (then, 'Marege') and the Kimberley Coast ('Kayu Jawa'), sea cucumber was a valuable source of food and medicine, as well as a key product in trade in what has been called "Australia's first modern industry".

Although the act of catching sea cucumber was fairly simple, women caught by hand and men by spear, each trepang trading trip involved large degrees of planning and navigation was anything but easy, with 10-15 days of sea travel required and specific winds. After a successful fishing trip, boats could be carting back 8.5 to 20+ tons. Such an amount was needed as, so sought after was it, that China in fact became their biggest partner in importing this Australian gem due to their own local production not meeting such high demand.

Considered an aphrodisiac (Oh la la) and nutrient-filled delicacy, the trepang sourced by the indigenous Aboriginal Australians fetched a decent price, was plentiful in stock, and, overall, made an significant impact on the market and the development of intercultural relations within Eurasia.

Inspired by the rich history of Indigenous Aboriginal Australian trade and culture, and how the simple sea cucumber made such major waves in Australia’s industrial and cultural relations with other nations, Baché De Mar ...

...as a brand; endeavors to embody the deep culture and history of Indigenous Australia in order to create a meaningful connection between you and the very roots of this land we live upon.

...as a product; perform miracles for your skin using the most efficacious, clean and utterly luxurious formula based on Australia’s skincare super-ingredient, sea cucumber collagen.

Australian history, nature and cosmeceuticals combine in perfect harmony in the exclusive Baché De Mar formula containing a carefully considered and skin-loving combination of bioactive and potent ingredients sourced directly from the heart of nature and the very nucleus of science.

Baché De Mar products are naturally free from harmful toxins that are often found in other skincare products including GMO, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and PEGs, we do not test on animals and sources packaging that either biodegradable or 100% recyclable.

We are driven to provide all of this so as to bathe your skin in a revolutionary formula that is results-driven, eco-conscious, outstanding in quality and supported by science.

Wholly, Baché De Mar serves to make you love yourself, love the product and love this precious Earth we inhabit.