"I have followed the journey of the evolution of Bache De Mar's incredible products. With a career as a compounding and cosmetic pharmacist, I am very particular about the skincare I use. I have a history of extensive sun exposure and much weathering from the elements as I participate in various outdoor and water sports. Now in my later years my skin needs much repair and care. My skin immediately responded to the Sea Cucumber Regenerative Serum with improvement in texture and hydration, but most astonishingly it cleared my solar keratoses within the first 14 days of use! The Inflammation has reduced in my skin significantly. I have used the product directly after clinical procedures such as skin needling, peels and laser as a post care healing and calming application and it caused no irritation, only accelerated the healing process.I honestly can not say enough great things about the benefits of this skincare range. It has the science behind it and the results speak for themselves!"

 Pillow talk with Brigette Paroissien, Compounding Pharmacist.